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UGH! Am having the worst experience with mattress buying. There’s a great store in Northern California called Earthsake. We got one mattress from them in the past. But when we got a bigger frame, we tried again, and got the Tranquility mattress. As soon as we got it, we realized it had a very rubbery smell and it wasn’t “extra firm” as we had ordered.

We called Earthsake and they called the manufacturer, Vivetique. Their customer service is HORRIBLE. They promised to send us a replacement. 7 weeks and 2 phone calls later, supposedly the bed was “on the truck.”

THEN, yesterday (mind you we got this mattress in February or March), the bed started to have a strange smell. Today I removed the sheet to figure out what it was–guess what it was? MOLD! CRAZY! MOLD!!!!! I’ve never had a mattress mold!!!

Thank goodness, Earthsake is trying to help us. But seriously, folks, stay away from mattresses made by Vivetique!


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